In 2018, I received my MFA in film from the Transmedia Department of the Visual and Performing Arts College at Syracuse University. Before starting my academic career in the US, I had completed my Bachelor degree in Italy at the University of Siena, in Art, Music, Theater and Cinema Studies where my thesis focused on Charlie Chaplin's film language.

I also graduated Cum Laude from the University of Siena where I received my Master’s Degree in Language of Entertainment and Multimedia. There, my thesis focused on Film language, specifically on David Lynch's filmmaking technique (construction of space and cinematic structure).
I first moved to the United States in 2014 to start my MFA in filmmaking, following the Total Filmmaking philosophy. During my first year of studying, I was fortunate to be a teaching assistant in Film Theory and Cinematography classes. I then had the opportunity to teach my own classes and advanced camera demos, mainly focusing on the “Canon C Series” cameras. As an associate professor, I have been teaching classes that intermix theory with production. During summers of 2016 and 2017, I had the opportunity to be involved in the “Italian Film Studies and Filmmaking in Bologna” a Syracuse University Film Summer Program. While there in 2016, I taught the Italian Language class, specifically designed for Film production; and in 2017 I was assigned to assist the program director in planning and coordinating the courses, as well as providing teaching support by starting a new interactive teaching platforms (like Adobe Spark and Tumblr).



INSTRUCTOR - Syracuse University, College of VPA     [ ]


Spring 2020

FIL 124 - Filmmaking Workshop: Concepts

Introduction and development of aesthetic and critical concepts of filmmaking, sound and image.

FIL 521 - Editing

Advanced post-production class: film editing techniques and theories. Software: Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVInci Resolve.   

Fall 2019

FIL 228 - Film Scriptwriting

Elements of film scripting: dramatic fundamentals, screenplay format, narrative strategies, character creation, and dialogue development.

FIL 121 - Filmmaking Physical Aspects

Introduction and development of technical aspects and skills of filmmaking.

Spring 2019

FIL 228 - Film Scriptwriting

FIL 122 - Sound and Image

Development of the student’s understanding and approach to the critical and practical challenges of working creatively with image and sound.


Fall 2018

FIL 521 - Cinematography

Modes of filmmaking such as experimental, narrative, expository; or technical areas such as cinematography, lighting, or art design.


Spring 2018

FIL 223 - Storytelling Production

Exploration of cinematic storytelling through the production of a short film.

FIL 122 - Sound and Image


Fall 2017

FIL 322 - Topics in Film Production

Advanced exploration of cinematic modes, through the creation of a short film and critical evaluation of the process.

FIL 221 - Cinematic Modes of Production

Introduction to the various codes and forms that work at the mainstream and borders of cinematic production, such as documentary, experimental, animation, and fictional narrative.

Spring 2017

FIL 122 - Sound and Image


Fall 2016

FIL 221 - Cinematic Modes of Production


Spring 2016

FIL 122 - Sound and Image

SUMMER PROGRAM: Italian Film Studies and Filmmaking in Bologna

Summer 2016/17/18

Attend the world’s most famous classic film festival, Cinema Ritrovato, while immersing yourself in all aspects of film.

This program is based on a total filmmaker/film studies approach in which you’ll study Italian film history, visual strategy, preproduction planning, and production. You’ll generate ideas based on the study of Italian filmmakers such as Rossellini, Zampa, Fellini, Bertolucci, and Antonioni and incorporate what you learn into your own worldview and film-making interests.




Syracuse University, Department of Design (VPA)


Spring 2019

Storytelling and Video/Sound Production

A workshop for Senior students at the Industrial Design Program.


Raritan Valley Community College, Digital Media/Film


Spring 2018

Elements of Narrative Filmmaking


Syracuse University, College of Visual and Performing Arts


Fall 2018

TRM 153

Narrative filmmaking and short-film structure

Spring 2018

FIL 720 - Filmmaking: Graduate Project

Editing workflow in the digital era (RAW, 4K, 2K).

Post-production in the digital era

A lecture/workshop designed for junior level Photo and Video students on the digital editing workflow.

From a film to a poster

A lecture/workshop for a printmaking (non-major) class exploring the concepts of lighting, colors, and composition in filmmaking, in order to design a film poster.

Spring 2017 and Spring 2018

FIL 521 - Directing Actors (section)

Acting and performing: Jerzy Grotowski's influence in contemporary filmmaking.

DIT Training Workshop

Advanced concept of Digital Imaging Technician.

Spring 2018 and Fall 2016

FIL 521 - Cinematography (section)

Production demo: digital cameras and external recorders.

Fall 2017

Lighting and Camera demo

A demo section with the award-winning cinematographer Nicola Raggi (Junior level).


University of Siena


March 2014

Broadcasting of sports events

Writing, production and post-production for format and Sport events for television And Web-TV.




Syracuse University, College of Visual and Performing Arts


Professor Alex Mendez, Cinematography, Fall 2016 - Spring 2017.

Professor Vasilios Papaioannu, Film Theory/Auteur Cinema, Spring 2017.

Professor Cooper Battersby, Transmedia Colloquium Theory, Fall 2015 - Spring 2016.




Syracuse University, College of Visual and Performing Arts.


Transmedia Department Media Lab, Fall 2016.

School of Design Fabrication Shop, Fall 2014 - Spring 2015.