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16 mm workshop

In the fast-paced world of digital filmmaking, taking a step back in time with a 16mm analog camera can be a transformative experience. Despite the prevailing focus on cutting-edge technologies, delving into the fundamentals through analog processes offers a unique perspective on the art of filmmaking.

This past Fall semester, I had the pleasure of hosting two workshops at Syracuse University's VPA Film program, where Freshmen and Juniors immersed themselves in the captivating world of 16mm Bolex cameras. Each group had the opportunity to load the camera, film a short exercise, and engage in on-camera editing using just one roll of film. The results were nothing short of amazing, showcasing the students' creativity and adaptability within the constraints of analog production.

In an era dominated by pixels and instant gratification, these workshops served as a reminder of the timeless importance of focus, exposure, and the art of storytelling.

The images below capture moments from these hands-on sessions, providing a glimpse into the magic that happens when technology meets tradition.


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