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Syracuse University Summer College - Cinematography

I am glad to announce that this coming Summer I will be teaching a new Cinematography class for Summer College at Syracuse University.

This is a brand new project for me and for the Summer College. The goal is to introduce young students to the world of filmmaking, emphasizing the importance of cinematography in the creative process.

We will explore how to organize a set, what kind of camera is needed in specific situations, what kind of lenses and how to approach lighting based on different locations.

The students will experience a professional approach to filmmaking under the guidance of the instructor, special guests and, Senior college students.

This course will prepare young students to approach filmmaking on another level, it will give them the chance to explore their ability in this field and will prepare them to enter film school in the future.

Due to the current worldwide situation, the class will be hosted online.

Click here for more info and, please fill free to email me:


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