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CODL Crew, VPA and life on set...

In the last few months, things have been changing a lot. This semester has been one of the most challenging I have ever had and which is exciting!

The Center for Online and Digital Learning - University College is growing and the creative group looks better every day. We have in total 10 people from the College of Visual and Performing Art working here now. A few are alumni, including myself and as well as student workers.

The video crew is "rolling" no stop, studio and on location, our equipment keeps getting better and more professional. On the camera side, we have great set-ups combining multiple set-ups of Canon C300 mark ii, Canon C200 and Canon C200-B, exceptional Canon zoom lenses and incredibly fast and precise Zeiss Milvus lenses. And a new set-up of Blackmagic cameras is on the way to make our production even more flexible.

Our light department is equally fantastic, considering Arri Skypanel fixtures and Astera TitanTube, give us freedom and flexibility on the creative side, Kinoflo, Diva, Arri fresnel, Joker lights are ready for any need in any kind of situation and location.

In these pictures, you can see our team in action during a couple of different shootings.

In the next months, we are looking to implement our DIT system as well. At the same time, we are planning and completely re-designing our production and post-production workflow to be one of the most efficient in the Country for online and digital learning productions. The goal is to reach a visual experience that goes over the classic and old style of online content and fully embraces an Academic teaching philosophy at a higher standard.


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