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Syracuse University - Transmedia Film Program listed in the Top 25 American Film Schools

As every year, The Hollywood Reporter released the list of the Top Film School in the country.

Once again, the Film Program at the Visual and Performing Arts College (Syracuse University) is in the list as #22 .

What makes me proud is that the Bologna Summer Program is one of the reasons why this Film program is in the list. As you can see in some of my previous posts, I have been part of that program, as a teacher together with Prof. Alex Mendez for the last years. The Bologna Summer Program is without a doubt an incredible experience, as teachers, and for our students. The collaboration between us and the Cinema Ritrovato Festival is a unique opportunity for our students to experience something that is difficult to find anywhere else.

We designed the program in such a way that the students can experience the Festival, meeting with some of the most important filmmakers in the world and at the same time, we explore Italy through many field trips such as the Film Museum in Torino or the new collaboration with the Siena Art Institute (Siena, Tuscany) and the visit to Rimini, city of Amarcord by Federico Fellini. Many speakers join us in this month, giving the opportunity to our students to have a better understanding of the background and current status of the Italian film scenario. Another major aspect of the program is production. Divided into groups, students are required to produce two short-films. Shooting in a different country is a very challenging experience. One on side, you have the language and cultural barriers and on the other side, there is the excitement of being in a place that hasn’t been explored yet.

For all these reasons and many others, this program has called the attention of many students from inside and outside our Department over the years.

Once again: very happy of this result!

Check the full article here:

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